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About Me

In no particular order: engineer, security researcher, tinkerer, devil’s advocate, champion of underdogs everywhere, nerd, husband, dad, cyclist, recovering cynic.


A broad range of leadership and management interests which include strategic planning, technical recruiting, team building, and mentoring. Focused on building healthy, proactive engineering culture through empathy, shared responsibility, ownership, and empowerment.

Takes joy in designing and building: distributed platforms, service integrations, CI/CD pipelines, security pipelines, and automated tests of all types, to name a few.

Automation alleviates toil and increases feature velocity.


Interests include technical and organization risk assessment. Quantified risks minimize anxiety and inform security decisions. Threat modelling is another interest, which is a fun way to talk about platform architecture, educate about security risks and challenges, and prioritize defensive improvements.

Building a security program from the ground up is an enormous challenge, but one that is a passion of mine.

Core Values

Security teams do not say no. We are here to help.

Commit to listening and continuous learning.

Remain humble, and recognize team achievements.


Blog post topics explore interests and research hobbies, as well as provide a much needed opportunity to practice writing.

Welcome to my personal blog.

Based in Austin, TX





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