Dan Munro - Software Engineer       

About Me

In no particular order: software engineer, security researcher, tinkerer, devil’s advocate, champion of underdogs everywhere, nerd, husband, dad, cyclist, recovering cynic.


A broad range of technical interests, including building and running distributed systems, integrations, CI/CD pipelines, security tooling, automation, testing, incident response, and process optimization.

Passions include strategic planning, technical recruiting, team building, leveling up colleagues, and knowledge sharing.

Focused on building healthy, proactive engineering culture through empathy, shared responsibility, autonomy, ownership, empowerment, and speed through quality.


Interests include technical and organization risk assessment, vulnerability management, incident response, and control reporting, to name a few.

Threat modelling is another interest, which is a fun way to talk about platform architecture, educate about security risks and challenges, and prioritize defensive improvements.

Core Values

Process, communication, empathy, and alignment are key to success.

Technical teams do not say no. We are here to help.

Learning is a lifelong process.

Small, incremental changes. Focus on velocity and confidence.





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